Sim City Prints – Realm of Magic Edition



Just adding onto the set from my 200 follower’s gift on tumblr from almost a year ago now lol. Loving the magic realm area so much I’m sure I missed loads of other photo ops but these were the ones that stood out the most and I was so excited to make sims crap again I couldn’t wait. Hope you guys like!

Download Full Set (SimFileShare)
Download Only the Full Frame Set (SimFileShare)
Download Only the Matboard Set (SimFileShare)


Sim City Prints – 200 Tumblr Followers Gift! (cross posted from tumblr)


Figured it’s been almost a year since I posted these exclusively to tumblr it’s probably time to just add it to my full set of downloads? Yeah.

Sim City Prints – 200 Tumblr Followers Gift!

I’ve wanted to do this for a long time but I wanted to find sort of not typical pretty scenic shots but sort of weird-ish stuff around town and I wanted them to be big. I’d like to expand on this with a couple more frames and I have sooo many screenshots. However I’m still new to this stuff and I didn’t want to overwhelm things and then never finish. Plus just a warning these are high res really big textures I wanted the images to be large and clear so the packages are pretty big at 4 megs a pop! Quick run down/download under cut:

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Get Famous – Keeper and Stakra Corner Cabinet – De-vased and Slotted


De-vased? So wrong but I think it’s funny when people call it like that when removing something from a maxis item as cc. So here’s that cute funny table without the vase attached and with as much slots as I could squeeze in that also made sense I guess.

Requires Get Famous expansion pack.

Download SimFileShare

New Downloads Home

Decided I still prefer to host my downloads elsewhere than tumblr. I tried but I’m just not into their design/interface. I feel like it’s more instagram than a place to host a full website. I know some simblrs have managed beautiful websites with it but I just can’t find a simple solution for myself. So I went back to my blogspot and realized blogspot is garbage. I’ve had bad luck with themes and trying to edit them and blogspot just up and freezing every time I try and select a text area to paste something in its place. WordPress is so infinitely superior in like every way from even just signing up/in everything is quick, simple, and no fuss. And changes update immediately THIS IS SO KEY.

So yay! i know it’s not the popular choice in the sims community but fuck it.

I’ve also migrated most of my old downloads here as well. It may seem odd but they are backdated to the original post date because I can. It’s just a quick preview image, sim file share download link, and a link to the original post if you’re interested.

Time to move on!

Base Game Bikini Re-Colour

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This was a very large undertaking lol. I took two base game bikini tops and re-coloured them. The one called “Beach” is the triangle tit sporty one and the one called “Glam” is the fancier one with the hardware in the middle. Seems simple enough but I kept adding new styles and colours until it became this big expansion set. I love it and plan to do more. I don’t think we can have enough bathing suits especially now we have seasons! There is one package with all styles or you can pick and choose below:

Base Game Bikini Re-Colour – Full Set

Beach Tops – Fruity Palette – Solid, Two Toned, Stripes

Beach Tops – Jewel & Pastel Palette – Solid, Two Toned, Stripes

Beach Bottoms – Fruity Palette – Solid, Two Toned, Stripes

Glam Tops – Fruity & Jewel Palette

Glam Bottoms – Jewel & Pastel Palette – Solid, Two Tone, Stripes